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Vendere all'estero è una grande opportunità per le aziende italiane, tutte, specie quelle artigianali, piccole e medie.
In questo blog lavoreremo insieme per trovare la strada migliore e avere successo con facilità.

Tra vent’anni sarai più deluso delle cose che non hai fatto che di quelle che hai fatto. E allora molla gli ormeggi. Lascia i porti sicuri. Lascia che gli alisei riempiano le tue vele. Esplora. Sogna

Mark Twain.

lunedì 21 aprile 2014

Let's butterfly our cities up: and tell it to client the right way!

Eugea butterflies our balconies up. Eugea sells seeds that will bring butterflies and  ladybugs to your windows. Eugea actually sells magic, dreams, expectations, endurance. The love for the nature, for the literature: shoeing in its book how the great writers described gardens and woods. Love for the science. Love for waiting: in a world focused on getting it right now Eugea teaches the value of hope, ahead of you, patience.
Be able to wait to get the gift of a wonderful butterfly just in front of you.

Now that’s great but

how can you tell it in a marketing message?

Not a simple claim or slogan, but a wise message to the reseller of the products, the one who should by Eugea’s product to resell them. And who these guys actually are?

We studied the problem and decided that the best approach would be to address directly the point of sales. Ok, now which one? They should be the places where you go in search of poetry, nature, dreams, magic, future. In our mind these can be gift shops, bookshops, toyshops and those wonderful luxury stationary which sells paper and leather and precious fountain pens. Like Smythson of Bond Street or Mount Street Printers.
And, why not, museums.

The message that we should address them is quite different form the message directed to end users: of course butterflies, but much more “how can we improve your profit!”.

That why we produced a Issuu brochure focused on this subject and a couple of videos explaining who Euega is and which is its added value.

Take a lot at the video too

What do you think? Do you believe it could work? Any suggestion is welcomed and any comment too.

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